Welcome To ClawBack

There are many reasons customers fail to pay their bill and in the two decades serving the restoration industry, we have seen them all. But companies like yours sometimes have difficulty collecting those unpaid bills because you are in the restoration business not the debt collecting business. That’s where we come in.

ClawBack offers a set of services to help you reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow. Whether helping you to improve your Accounts Receivable department or providing debt collection services to complement your efforts, our goal is to provide only the services you need to minimize bad debt.

Choosing us to provide any of these services requires no long term commitment or risk for you. If we are not successful collecting a debt for you, there is no charge regardless of the effort we or the attorney expends.

Give us a shot. Try us on any account or judgment regardless of size or age.

ClawBack primary service area: Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia.

“As one of the largest restoration companies in the DC area, we have relied on these guys for over 20 years to recover what we were owed. They never give up and they really know this business which saves us time and money. We’ve tried others; they don’t compare.”
J. S. - Restoration , General Manager